Mega Jump 2

Mega Jump 2 1.2.1

Take to the air in this endless-jumping sequel

Mega Jump 2 is an endless-jumping game for iOS designed to take the game genre to a new level. View full description


  • Frantic, addictive gameplay
  • Very easy to pick up an play
  • Lots of gifts and items to collect
  • Different characters with unique abilities
  • Lots of achievements to complete


  • Format is not very original
  • Repetitive

Very good

Mega Jump 2 is an endless-jumping game for iOS designed to take the game genre to a new level.

Jump for joy

The basic gameplay in Mega Jump 2 is more or less the same as the mega popular first version of the game. The idea is to guide your character as high into the air as you can by bouncing continually upwards off of platforms and objects. There are plenty of coins and goodies to collect on the way, though you'll also encounter bad guys who are hell-bent on halting your upward trajectory.

The main difference between Mega Jump 2 and the first game is that this sequel is a truly endless jumper, doing away with the level-based system of its predecessor. Instead, challenges are built into Mega Jump 2 to keep your interest alive. The so-called 'Adventures' involve accomplishing certain achievements in order to increase your score. 

You can unlock different characters in Mega Jump 2 and, unlike in the first game, each of the cute little guys has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Various boosts are available in Mega Jump 2, such as shields, score multipliers and flying starts. You can get these using coins earned in the game or purchased, and they help to add a bit of spice to the game.

Although the game engine has been overhauled in Mega Jump 2, there isn't a huge difference in terms of what you're doing between this and the first game. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since it's fast, addictive and fun to play. Still, those looking for radical new gameplay mechanics might be a bit disappointment. The closest you get to originality in Mega Jump 2 is perhaps the new Mega Fever mode, where the action is cranked up and you can play for big points and more coins.

The sky's the limit

Mega Jump 2 is as accessible as any causal game you'll play on your mobile. Just like a baby bird you're tossed into the air and must instantly take to the sky. Staying aloft is just a matter of tilting your device from side to side in order to bounce off the platforms, coins and objects. There are plenty of power-ups to collect along the way that can assist your journey skywards.

Still, Mega Jump 2 is far from easy, since some of the platforms are very remote, leaving you little margin for error. The balance between being boringly straightforward and infuriatingly difficult is just about perfect in Mega Jump 2.

Mega cute graphics

The graphics in Mega Jump 2 are cute and shiny, and in my opinion the backing music is easier on the ear than it is in the first game. Animation is pretty smooth even when you are getting propelled at breakneck speed by a booster.

The verdict

Mega Jump 2 doesn't break the mould of endless jumping games, and there's nothing really ground-breaking about it. That said, it's no bad thing because it's just as fun to play as the original game.

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Mega Jump 2


Mega Jump 2 1.2.1